The Power of Love

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A video can change someone’s life forever.  What if you’re mother passed away and you don’t have any video or audio recordings of her.  You wake up one morning and you post up on Facebook that it would’ve been your mom’s birthday today.  Then you get an email from a friend saying that they have some video of your mom and would you like to see it.  You answer yes, of course!  Then you sit and wait.  The video has been uploaded to you page and you get an alert.  You watch it and get to hear your mom’s voice once again.  Your life has now changed forever, and in a good way.

This a true Gift of Love! I just made this video as a gift for my friend, Eden Raine.  Her mother was one of my mom’s best friends and they were like family to us. Yesterday would’ve been her 74th birthday.  After I presented her the gift, she posted this on to Facebook:

eden raine sitting on a mountain post
“I’m sitting on top of a mountain when I get a message from my cousin Chris Nicholas telling me of this, so here I sit crying like a baby, screaming aloud how much I love you both! I love you Chris & I can never repay you for changing my life with the gift of my Mum after her passing. As I said, you are my hero.” – Eden Raine, from her post above.

Please watch this brief video and consider having videos made of YOUR loved ones!

Making people smile and changing their lives for the better like this has become a passion of mine.   In today’s world with video cameras on our cell phones, I think it’s a travesty for people to not have videos of their loved ones.  I understand people are business and may not be great with technology, so that’s why I am here to help people save and share memories with video.
Please allow my company, New River Entertainment the honor of creating a personal biography / legacy video / video tribute / video memoir and whatever else we can call it.  Visit for more information.